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Technical Services

ICT Solutions

We accompany you on your digital transformation journey. We focus on helping you achieve your business goals whether that is to increase efficiency, reduce risk, or grow the business. For this purpose, we identify the latest technological advances that best suits your activity.

We listen, understand and analyse your business objectives to ensure that our team are strategically aligned with your mission. Together we plan the roadmap, a tangible and feasible plan with a continuous improvement mindset.

Network and IT Equipment Leasing

There are many leasing options available depending on the amount of technology equipment you need. Whatever you need, we will ensure a high level of service to get the funding to you as quickly as possible, whether you are an established business or a new one.

Network Leasing

In order to stay competitive in today’s business world, you have to have reliable IT infrastructure capabilities. Our Network Leasing Service reduces upfront costs to reduce impact on cash flow. It also preserves working capital freeing up cash for other expenses.

Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing lets you acquire the latest hardware and software at a manageable cost. Netland gives organizations of all sizes the option to lease from computers and telephony equipment to servers, at rates and terms that best fit your budget.

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