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google education editions

Discover Google for Education Editions

Discover Google for Education Editions

Digital transformation in education is not just about integrating technology in the classroom. It’s about harnessing its full potential to elevate learning and prepare students for a changing world. Through its various editions, Google for Education offers a suite of tools and functionalities designed to meet the demands of each institution and provide students with the skills they need to tackle 21st-century challenges.

In this article, we will explore the different editions of Google Workspace for Education.

Google Workspace for Education Fundamentals: Foster Collaboration and Communication

This edition offers user-friendly tools like Docs, Slides, Sheets, Drive, Forms, and Jamboard that enhance the educational experience and promote efficient collaboration among all members of the educational community. Classroom and Assignments simplify teachers’ tasks and increase their productivity. With Gmail, Meet, and Chat, communication becomes more flexible and seamless. Organization tools like Keep, Calendar, and Tasks are also included. All of this is backed by maximum security through multi-layered protection against digital threats.


Google Workspace for Education Standard: Centralize Administration and Enhance Security

Google Workspace for Education Standard is an advanced edition that includes all the features of Education Fundamentals and adds enhanced security and analytics tools. This edition allows educational institutions to centralize administrative controls to manage access within their domain. With advanced mobile device management, administrators can manage devices, applications, audits, and security rules to protect the school’s data. It also offers the ability to define permissions for file sharing and access to applications by users, groups, and external organizations. Data migration from other platforms like Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint is made easier. This edition is ideal for institutions seeking increased security and control in their educational environment.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade: Enrich the Learning Experience

The Teaching and Learning Upgrade edition is perfect for educational institutions looking to take learning experiences to the next level. It offers enhancements to video conferencing with Meet and advanced tools to foster academic integrity. Teachers can leverage features like breakout rooms, attendance tracking, Q&A sessions, polls, and more to increase interaction with students. It also seamlessly integrates educational technology tools and content directly into Classroom, further enriching the learning experience. Content can be personalized and tailored to students’ needs. Assignments can be compared to prevent plagiarism and encourage originality.

Google Workspace for Education Plus: Enhanced Interaction and Security

Google Workspace for Education Plus is the most comprehensive edition, designed for educational institutions looking to maximize interaction and accelerate digital transformation. All tools incorporate new features, including increased storage capacity. This edition also offers security enhancements and access to the Cloud Search service for searching and sharing information. With AppSheet, you can create custom applications without writing code. Additionally, you’ll receive priority assistance in case of any issues.

Netland, 24/7 Assistance and Support

Netland accompanies educational institutions throughout their transformation journey. Teachers and administrators will receive quick and specialized support when facing problems or having doubts. Our team of professionals, all certified by Google, has the knowledge and capabilities to guide and resolve any technical obstacles efficiently. This allows teachers and administrators to focus on their primary goal: providing quality education and promoting the academic success of their students. Moreover, having the support of experts can help educational institutions make the most of the available tools and features.

In summary, Google for Education is an ally in this digital era, offering intuitive, flexible, and collaborative tools that empower educators and students to explore new ways of teaching and learning. At Netland, we can help you choose the edition that best fits your school’s needs and priorities, ensuring a successful implementation and maximum performance.

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